3 Ways To Get More Alone Time


Everyone around the globe is busy working these days that they get little or no alone time. Everyone is busy in one chore or another. Students busy with their studies, men busy in jobs so do working women and homemakers busy in their household activities. Most busy I believe are we women . If we are working women, then we get to do the double job which includes our housework managing kids if married plus the office work. We are so busy that we might not have spent alone time since a long time ago. But alone time is of utmost importance for us. So we need to find ways to get alone time. The question now arises as to how to get alone time. Following we have discussed some ways of getting alone time

1) Save your morning time

Now if you wake up a bit earlier than your work schedule starts you will definitely get time to sit and relax. If you feel you will get less sleep time by waking up earlier, you are absolutely wrong. You can keep your sleeping time same by sleeping a bit earlier. How to sleep earlier? Sleeping earlier is very easy. Most of the people sleep with their phones close to them. They spend at least an hour or more using cell phones. If you stop using cell phones at night, you can easily sleep earlier thus wake up earlier and get ample free time in the morning to sit by yourself with a cup of coffee relax and take care of yourself. Often people give lame reasons for keeping cell phones by themselves at night. They say they need it for alarm. If it is by yourself, you are definitely going to use it. What you can do is buy a clock worth $ 40 and keep the cell phone aside.

 2) Read

OK, another important step to keep you by yourself is to read a book.  Chatting is different from reading with a pen and paper . while charting we are constantly stating our viewpoints whereas reading is quite different to it. Reading aids the ending of ego in one’s self. During reading, we live the life of characters and are able to understand others feelings. Thus we get occupied.

3) Write a love letter

The trend of writing love letters has surely fallen. People message or use other forms of technology to express their emotions.  However, it is suggested to use a paper and pen to write a love letter you definitely get alone time all by yourself. In the case of electronic things, you get instant replies to your messages. However, with pen and paper, it is a different case.


After the above discussion, we realize that as the world has developed the invention of mobiles, computers and other electronic devices have been a hurdle in spending alone time. So if you want to spend alone time you have to cut down the use of these electronic devices.

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