Ways To Deal With Skin Problems In Teens

Teenagers spend a lot of time looking at their face in the mirror. For some, the issue is acne while some struggle with an uneven color tone. Whatever the case may be, teenage is a hard time for individuals, and it takes a lot of time for the problem to go away. The main reason for all those skin problems is hormonal change and physical changes as well. Some kids, however, make it worse by manipulating it whereas they should be properly guided on how to deal with it.


One of the most common skin issues which is prevalent not just in teen years but is often carried on to later years as well, if not treated properly. Nose area and Forehead area is most common to get acne because this is where the oil glands are. Dealing with acne is no that tricky; cleanliness is the main thing that you should be focusing on. Wash your face with soap, a medicated mild soap, at least twice a day and with plain water several times to keep that area clean. Never rub your hands on your face or your fingers; dirt is what aggravates acne. See a dermatologist or buy a medicated cream that has benzoyl peroxide because it will help reduce inflammation and the redness of acne. Home remedies involving honey, cinnamon and mint leaves can also be of great help.

Oily patches on skin

This isn’t the same as acne because acne is much severe than oily patches. Oily skin is common these days, and your teen should be aware if he/she has oily skin. It usually leads to the appearance of small whiteheads which are not acne, just small breakouts.

For this, blotting sheets can be used to wipe off the excess oil from the face. Washing the face with plain water helps to deal with removing oil from face. For more permanent treatment, visit a dermatologist or get a laser treatment. On the whole, it is more about eating the right foods and drinking the right juices that help with the issue a lot.

Excessive hair

The hair on legs and on arms is one thing but having too much facial hair can be unsightly. This is a result of the kind of hormones that your teen has and will affect the growth of hair accordingly. The problem is usually faced by teenage girls when they see that there is too much hair growing on their face; particularly around the chin area and sideburns.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any natural remedy that helps get rid of extra hair growth permanently and therefore requires medical treatment. If your kid is too young for it, try other methods like face wax or hair removal creams. The laser is one process that helps to get rid of facial hair for at least 2 months till you need the next appointment for another laser session.

Skin is the confidence of kids, and if they are able to deal with their skin issues the proper way, it can bring a lot of positive changes in their behavior and how they interact with people.

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